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Dear children of Mother Mary your contributions  have made great transformations at Kiwamirembe.

The construction progress on Scala Sancta

Scala Sancta Before                                              Construction Progress

Scala Sancta Before        Scala Sancta under construction     Scala Sancta Construction 2    Scala Sancta construction in full gear  Scala Sancta construction in full gear

The beautification of the way of the cross stations

Before beautification

Way of the cross station Before Beautification


After Beautification

Way of the Cross Stations after Beautification

All the way of the cross stations are to be beautified to look like this next will be the mysteries of the rosary in the Gethsemane. 

your support has enabled this kind of work and more is highly welcome since work is not even half way. May the Good Lord Jesus Christ reward you and build your treasury as you contribute to the construction of these areas of worship at Kiwamirembe Catholic Shrine his mother’s sanctuary

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