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Bishop Christopher Kakooza Says a farewell Mass at Kiwamiremebe

A heading of his new appointment to Lugazi Diocese by His Holiness Pope Francis Kiwamirembe diehard Bishop Kakooza had a full week of retreat in preparation and meditation on the new assignment, Bishop lead mass where he gave a wonderful homley.

After the mass Director Fr Kabanda thanked the Bishop for his love, Support and Humility to Kiwamirembe, from which he asked the children of mother Mary to immitate his example. At this point Father gave us the programme of Bishop Kakooza Blesses Children of Mother Marythe day which was as below;

  1. Visiting Scala sancta
  2. Lunch with the Bishop
  3. Receiving the Annual Report and the Budget
  4. then Concluding the function taking photos with excutive and later with all the Congregation.

1. Visiting Scala Santa

Scala Sancta Work ProgressImmediately after concration to the Virgin Mary, the whole congregation matched gently to entrance of Scala Sancta in Calvary singing and praising the Lord. then they where given a short descreption of the scala Sancta;Visit to Scala Sancta after Mass

These are 28 steps that Jesus climbed on his knees to pilate to be charged, as rquest in the will of Msgr. Mbwega this was to be put to the standard of other Scala Sanctas in Europe where he had visited to adopt the idea, and this will be the first of its kind in Africa. Beneath Scala Sancta there will be another important prayer place, “the tomb of Jesus” this will be another great devotion at Kiwamirembe.Fr Kabanda Briefs the Congregation the progress of the work

Mr Kalanzi the Engineer heading this Working gave hope to the congregation that the roofing of the Sancta was to be before the day we Remember Msgr. Mbwega if the financial support could flow as expected.

2. Lunch with the Bishop

Lunch with Bishop KakoozaFor sure this was a mouth watering Lunch which was served to everyone and there was too much surplus as it was the case in the Bible.

3. Receiving the Annual Report and the BudgetKiwamirembe Excutive in a group Photo with the Bishop

The year at Kiwamirembe starts on 1st October every year and ends on 1st September. the financial report was prepared by the treasurer Ms. Roselyn Birungi and read by the chair person Dr. Kasozi, and then opened to the People react on it which was done successfully. the main issue  in people’s reaction was the solution to this long time problem of water shortage but Mr. Kalanzi calmed the congregation with an assurance that the problem was being tuckled.

This was sumed up with short remarks from the guest of hounor  Bishop Kakooza, the remarks were full of thanks;

  • for the transparency in the excutive team,
  • for the gifts receive,
  • and for the love he has received from the Children of Mother Mary.

4. Then Concluding the function taking photos with excutive and later with all the Congregation.

From  Vice Chair Person’s Bishop Kakooza had a group  photo with the excutive, at this point Bishop displayed what the true meaning of humility, simplicity and love is when he accepted to be photos with everyone that was interested as tired as he was he did not turn down any request.Bishop Kakooza Receiving a gift from Director Fr Kabanda

Thank you very much Bishop for that love for Kiwamirembe.



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