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Awesome Divine Mercy Sunday celebration at Kiwamirembe Catholic Shrine!


Preaching br Fr Raymond KalanziThe day started with a preaching by Fr Raymond Kalanzi who gave a wonderful  preaching on the word mercy


The spread of the devotion to the divine mercy of Jesus is a universal mission.

We are all being sent to peoples of all walks of life to become agents of his mercy and compassion.

The message of Jesus to st. Faustina Kowalska is not just a personal appeal, rather, it is a serious mandate to let the whole world know of the great desire of merciful Jesus to offer us forgiveness in spite of our sinfulness. This mission therefore becomes even more and more relevant in our modern society as we continue to face the challenges of a turbulent world full of violence, terrorism and injustice!


The divine Mercy of Jesus empowers each and every one of us to forgive and seek forgiveness.

Jesus speaks of an ocean of mercy that requires only a drop of repentance and reconciliation to continue flowing in the streams of our lives. This radical channel of our lives, this radical channel of mercy empowers us to resist all forms of un forgiveness, grudges, ill-feelings and hatred. Furthermore, it enables us to strengthen our faith more deeply in times of rejection, trials and tribulations that can easily take away our trust in the power of God’s tender mercy and compassion


The mercy of Jesus is a powerful channel of restoration. Forgiveness repairs all divisions, conflicts and injustice often created by an unforgiving world. The message of Jesus to St. Faustina is timely and prophetic. In these uncertain times of wars, rebellions, and insurrections, the gospel of mercy and compassion can rightly restore us to peace, justice and reconciliation. As agents of mercy, we actively partake in God’s plan to restore and rebuild His Kingdom here on earth!


Genuine mercy overflows in our deeds and actions. Our devotion to the Divine Mercy finds its fulfillment in our  solidarity with our neighbors especially the poor and the marginalized. True devotees of God’s Mercy are dedicated to works of charity- both spiritual and corporal – and are ever willing to respond to the needy and destitute. Works of love therefore are works of Mercy. They are two inseparable forces that bring us closer to the Fount of Bood and Water that flows from the side of Christ.


In all His Revelations to St. Faustuina, Jesus, the Divine Mercy, was ever passionate for the salvation of souls especially those whose hearts are hardened by sin and iniquity. Jesus’ yearning for souls is like burning fire that cannot be quenched until mankind bow down to the Power of His Mercy. Likewise, anyone of us who desire to participate in this great devotion must feel the same yearning for reconciliation and salvation of sinners. As true apostles of His Mercy, our thirst for conversion of souls must be genuine and true all the days of our lives

In different internodes Charisma Choir lead the believers in praise and worship songsCHARISMA CHOIR


At the end of the preaching the RELICS of ST. FAUSTINA and ST. JOHN PAUL II were veneratedRELICS of St. Faustina KowalskaRELICS of St. John Paul II

VENERATING THE RELICSThe congregation in strong faith venerated the RELICS; these were brought from the parish of Uganda martyrs Munyonyo, the parish blessed with the custodian of the RELICS Rev. Fr from Poland. Who also encouraged us to always join them in a retreat every 2nd Saturday of the month to seek more Divine Mercy and venerate the relics and most importantly get the sacrament of penance.



Rev Fr Joseph Ssebbunya the Vice chancellor of Kampala ArchdioceseThen at 1:00pm the holy sacrifice of mass started, the Vice Chancellor of Kampala Archdiocese Rev. Fr. Joseph Maria Ssebbuunya lead the DIVINE MERCY CELEBRATIONS with his wonderful homely and colorful animations from Charisma Choir the mass was superb

To watch the Gospel and Homely Click on the links below;



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