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Annual Programme


There is always a pilgrimage mass every 1st Sunday of the month, with a special intention;

ROSARY Starts at 10:30am, Mass at 11:00am.

Month Intention
January To thank Go for his protection and pray for His blessings of the new year.
February To pray for the sick and disabled
March To pray for the persecuted church
April To pray for Pope, Bishops and Priests
May To pray for the Youth and those without employment
June To pray that the right education is imparted to the children
July To pray for all office bearers in the service of the church and the state.
August To pray for peace and the eligible to receive holy matrimony
September To pray that those who have suffered bereavement of any kind be comforted
October To pray for those who received holy matrimony are stable and happily married
November To pray for the souls in purgatory
December To pray for the religious and all agents of evangelism

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