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About The Carmelites youth choir


 The Carmelites youth choir started in 2015 by The Carmelites youth Apostolic forum Kansangaas anavenue tosensitize  the youthful community of Our lady of Mt. Carmel church Kansanga and to provide  singing opportunities, to these active worshipers as well as a platform were they can develop their musical  talents .This is done  through taking led in the praise and worship during Holy Mass cerebration , setting stage shows , recordings  among others.


 The choir  started  with  few members not more than ( 7) seven  in October of 2015 , but as we continued in Developing a  brotherly relationship with each other and the  musical approach which provides some  answers to questions in the youth full age. The Carmelites youth choir now  proudly houses a total of 52 youthful voices,

 Our strength is in these youths who provides the congregation  with hymns blended with sounds, from the few instruments we have i.e , The  piano, saxophone and  drum kits ,that not only  sound good to their ears but also touch their souls ,this could be one of the reasons we  ranked among the best  If not the best in  our area of operation ,

The diversity our choristers with many from different backgrounds and nationalities i.e D.R.Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria etc,   provides harmonic difference in our performance and bring out the university  of the God we serve.  

Mission Statement

The mission of The Carmelites Youth Choir  is to enrich, inspire, motivate, and  engage the community in  hymns and sacred songs in  the celebration of the Eucharist and other liturgical celebrations

Our Goal

Our Primary Goal is to see that fellow Christians, starting with the youth, not only attend Mass but also actively participate in the sacrifice with praises and thanks giving.

Our dream goes beyond singing in mass; we would also like to extend praises to each and every individual’s home, workplace and entertainment Centre’s using different avenues like recorded albums, staging shows.

Core Values

  1. Committed to Biblical values and non-apologetic about faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. Non-discriminatory in its ministry to youth.
  3. Non-political and seeks to serve all irrespective of their political or ethical background.

 Vision Statement

The Carmelites Youth Choir seeks to achieve our mission by:

  1. Being rooted in Catholic Spirituality that seeks the overall growth of the members;
  2. Being committed to rehearsals.
  3. Having discipline and respect for authority;
  4. Learning new hymns;
  5. Being knowledgeable of the liturgy and various liturgical seasons of the church.

 Plans for the near future

We would like increase the beauty of our performances so as to achieve our  goal and objectives  the choir was set  for , in the community and our target group the youth thus change their perception in each activity they do, looking at Christ as their focal point . We think that when we attain  the instruments of worship we are missing , some new choir garments and sound amplification systems our goal and primary purpose of this will be attainable . 

With outside performances ,  album recording /sells and approaching   people of good will we hope that this drive of  getting instruments of praise will be achieved.

  Fr Patron

Chaplin Rev. Fr. Anthony Kakaire    

 Coir master   

Mr. John Mary Vianny Kisembo ( Music Director)



Mr. Emmily Leo Muholi (coordinator)      


Mr. Nsubuga Kerston Joseph (chairman)

















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