We ended 2019 in style at Kiwamirembe

Theme Of The Night: Behold all things have become new and the old has passed away

31st December is celebrated highly by Christians and non-Christians all around the world. It was no different at Kiwamirembe on the last day of the 2010s decade. The day saw thousands flock the premises from as early as midday to join others and welcome the new decade in the presence of Christ. Thousands of people flocked the prayer centre including the elderly, adults, youths and children and this was so overwhelming that it had one of the speakers note that it was one of its kind compared to the overnight of 2018.

 The event was made joyful with the help of the choir who sang beautifully and tirelessly throughout the night with their angelic voices accompanied by those of the thousands from the congregation who sang and danced along during the praise and worship session

 Later people were ushered into the spiritual talk which was led by Reverend Brother Henry Wampamba who ushered the congreregaton in the spiritual anointing session that prepared them to receive the new year with joy and greater celebration.

The long-awaited moment arrived with the countdown to the minute increasing the eagerness as the crowd counted along and had everyone burst into happiness, tears of joy and dances as sooner as it was announced over the speakers that the new year had indeed arrived. People were filled with unimaginable joy and happiness with many reaching for their neighbour for a hug and had everyone celebrating in their own way

 The holy mass began immediately at midnight for people to tap into the blessings of the new year whose main celebrant was Reverend Father Raymond Kalanzi accompanied by several other priests and brothers from the neighboring parishes.  He assured the congregation that they indeed made the right choice to start the new year at the altar of God and that they will surely not get disappointed.

The people were also given a chance to be blessed as they were contributing money towards the betterment of the shrine which was evidenced by the sprinkling of the holy water by the Reverend Fathers and this was done after mass that also prepared the congregation for adoration as they continuously sang praises during the activity.  Adoration was led by Father Kabanda who requested the congregation to immerse themselves in the moment of total adoration of the blessed sacrament.

2019 was the last year of the decade and was marked with a celebration as massive as the event itself deserved. We appreciate all the Reverend Fathers who attended, the Brothers and other religious leaders all in your capacities. We also thank everyone who made it a point to enter the New year with us. It wouldn’t have been any good without you. May God bless you and in case you want to relive the moment, the video is up on our Facebook page

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