End of Month Mass lead by Bishop Ssekamanya Mathias – Animated by Our Lady of Africa Namilyango

Bishop Ssekamanya MathiasAt the end of every Month Kiwamirembe Catholic shrine hosts a bishop, this month His Excellence Bishop Ssekamanya Mathias lead mass which was animated by the candidates from Our Lady of Africa Namilyango Secondary school. It was a such an enriching mass with a very powerful homely targeted towards strengthening Christianity in our community starting from our homes.




Points from the Homely[wpdevart_youtube]thz-OCIzMLo[/wpdevart_youtube]

Teach your children how to pray: As parents which example do you give your children

Children have a special place in God’s fevour  

The three children that is Jacinta, Lucia and Francisco to pray the holy rosary to be able to win God’s fevour to stop the world war that was happening at the time.






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